History of Niddodi Church

In October 1925 the Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Perini administrator  apostolic of the  Mangalore diocese allowed  the Rev, Fr Emanuel Rebello , the parish priest of Kirem to build a small chapel dedicated  to  St Theresa of the child Jesus  and school in his personal property at Niddodi   and to have  a Sunday mass  therefore  the convenience  of the two distant villages of Agre and  Niddodi of the Kirem parish.

Day by day the devotion to St Theresa increased not only among the Catholics of the neighboring villages but also among the Hindus. Votive offerings began to increase and the chapel was too small for the Sunday congregation. In 1934 the Rev.Fr .E. M. Rebello extended the chapel and built a presbytery for a resident priest, mostly from his own personal funds.

On 19.12.1935 the Rev. Fr. E. M. Rebello handed over the whole property measuring 5acres of land with a chapel, presbytery and a school to the diocese of Mangalore in the name of his Excellency, the Bl. Rev. Dr. V. R. Fernandes, Bishops of Mangalore by a registered document with an obligation   1votiv feast office and Mass 52 low masses and candle per year from the   proceeds of the votive offerings for the intentions of the donors the Rev.Fr.  E. M. Rebello.

His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. V. R. Fernandes, Bishops of Mangalore  by a decree dated 13.5.1937   erected the parish of Niddodi by handing over the  two villages of  Agre  and  Niddodi from the Kirem parish to Niddodi church and appointed the Rev.Fr. W. I Rebello  the Parish Priest  Niddodi  who took charge of the parish on  Pentecost day,16.5.1937 and continued v to be the vicar  of the parish till 26.10.1938.During his regime the parish school building  was extended and tower for the church was built .He acquired a Darakasth   lad  measuring  nearly 3acres . He started altar boys sodality. On 26.10.1938 he handed over the charge at Kirem Rev.Fr .G.W. Menezs, then the vicar of Kirem parish.

On 29.10.1938 the Rev. Fr. S. M. Saldanha took charge of Niddodi parish from very Rev. Fr. G. W. Menezs   he continued to be the vicar till 29.5.1952. He during this   period   as vicar did many improvement namely repairing of the Church Altar, Building the communion Railings. Starting the Apostleship of prayer. He increased the income of the Church be enhancing the rent of the tenants of the Church. Some of the furniture and essential things were supplied to the presbytery. He improved the Church fund and was fixed deposit of more than four thousand rupees in the Bank at the time of his transfer.

On 29/05/1952 he handed over the charge to Rev Fr. P.D. G. Rego the parish Priest of Kirem and on 26/06/ 52 very Rev Fr. G. W. Menezes was appointed the parish priest of Niddodi. The very Rev. Fr. G. W. Menezes took charge of Parish from P. D. G. Rego the Parish priest of Kirem and began the improvement of the Church. First he began the flouring work of the Church building with concrete and then erected a shrine in honor of St. Theresa for the convenience of the devoted public. He began the work of leveling work of the ground in front of the Church. Some grafted mango plants were planted in the Church compound and thus improved the Church garden. He started the sodality of the children of Mary. Unfortunately the parishioners of Niddodi could have among them their beloved vicar as the Almighty Father was pleased to take him back to his heavenly kingdom for eternal happiness on 07/02/1954 may his soul rest in peace.

According to the order dated 8.2.54 of the Coadjutor Bishop of Mangalore the Rev. Fr. A. P. Souza, the present Parish priest was appointed as the vicar   Economies to parish of Niddodi. The present vicar began with   right earnest   the improvements of the parish both spiritually and materially. It is during  his time  the Bishops  canonically  erected  the sodality  of the children of  Mary  on  3.7.54.the Lourdes  Sodality  which was started  a few month ago was also erected  canonically by the Bishop on 3.7.54.the Rev.Fr A.P. Souza improved the Boys  sodality  which was dormant. A mission was given to the Parishioners by Rev Fr. M. F. C. Castilino and that was the First time in the History of the Parish. The present Vicar not only made several improvements regarding the Church matters but also pays special attention to the education of the Parish Children. He made some improvements in the school. It was due to the efforts of Rev Fr A.P. D’Souza that the Church could have a Baptistery. He continued the work of leveling the Church ground and made some necessary improvements pertaining to the Church and Presbytery. The Church released a Mulgani plot having a tiled building with a net cost of Rs 1500/- and the repairing work of the building and compound is going on. The devotion to Little Flower of Child Jesus is day by day increasing and the Church is flocked by people of the neighboring parishes. The strength of the school has increase and the total no. on Roll is – 105+ 78= 183. The population of the Parish is – 1346.

Improvements effected in the Parish since 6-6-1954.

Spiritual: 1. Altar boys Sodality revived and improved.

  1. Lourdes and Children of Mary Sodalities were started on 11 July, 1954.asfiliased to the Prima prim aria sodality on 25 December 1955.they are working on right time
  2. iii order of St Francis was started on 30.8.1958 and canonically erected on 30 December 1959 .
  3. Legion of Mary started on 16.8.1959 .weekly meeting are held on Saturdays.
  4. The Blue army was started in Jan 1958.
  5. The Apostleship of prayer was erected on 7 July1949.

Church;    1.Except the main pastime of the church, (the   nave) the rest of the church, including the outer verandahs was floored with R.C cement.

  1. The Sacristy which was big hall was partitioned into three rooms.
  2. A shed put up near the church for storing various materials used for the pedal etc.
  3. Granite pillars for the panel erected.
  4. A) Pedestals built up the statues of our Lady of Lourdes, St John Berchmans, our Lady of Fatima and Francis Assisi.
  5. b) Two frames of St Theresa and Our Lady of Perpetual Succor were put up in the church.
  6. All the doors, windows and the communion Railing repaired and repainted. The main altar was also retouched.
  7. New Baptistery elected.
  8. The following articles supplied for the church ;(a) one Reliquary with Relic of St Theresa .(b)Two new coutemimals .(c)Four copes ,white red , green ,violet, also girdels,purificatores and corporals .(d) two new carpets for the Predella . Five Altar frontals(white,green,red,violet&black)and Altar covers supplied .

(e) One Tabernacle veil, one black chasuble, one black stole, one stole supplied (.f) Throne for the exposition prepared. (g) Two humeral veils.h) Two cruets and thurible  brought.(i)One clock luneghte.  (j)  Two new conferinals .(k) 24 Altar boys  carrocks  &coats and 25 ribbons prepared  besides one almyrah  for keeping them .(L) Four shade lamps ,one dozen flower vases.(m)One new almyrah  for church use  and wooden box supplied .(n) Two missals  and Hebdomadae books.(o)Two Altar stones brought .(p)stand for gin &siriyaris .

(q)one coffin.(r)one  Lavabo  vessel.(s)one small shalf, for  amices.(t)Four chairs (3 cushined & one rattan)    supplied

Cemetery: The old cemetery was widened and all clearing done. Gate for the cemetery   put up, and the cemetery walled up on three sides. On the eastern side a pukka stone wall put up, big laterite cross in the center on the southern side. The Cemetery has been partitioned in to 4 classes and a path way erected right up across in the middle.

School: The entire school has been refitted and repaired and all the repairs and several rafters replaced. The foot path leading to the school repaired and strengthened. The western side of the school has been cemented and the wall on the same side plastered up entirely and white washed. Other repairs effected re beams. The school has been provided with a permanent stage, ground and also provided with a garden which is enclosed and has a gate. All furniture of the school has been provided in its entirety with various articles, as black boards, tables, chairs, benches, almyrahs, stands newly prepared. That is provided for partitioning the classes. A separate up to date latrine wish 4 partitions provided for Girls.

Presbytery House; The ground around the church    and   Presbytery has been partitioned into 5 yards. the  ground all around  which was a slope of a hill  having been leveled down .one separated guest room  has been prepared and separated  room   for wash .During room has been partitioned    and all the  verandahs ,bath  rooms lavatories cement floored     and cleaned  up . the entire compound  improved by planting  fruit-growing trees  and other ones useful for timber as teak etc. the house provided with five tables and a few chairs and coats with bedding ,pillows  ,coverlets ,bed-sheets ,towels ,napkins ,table clothes, plates, cups saucers  knives  ,spoons and forks .the kitchen is furnished with all the   copper vessels ,pots and other necessary utensils .

The RC Rev Dr R. D `Mello ,Bishop   of Mangalore   came  here for  pastoral visit along with his secretary an 31.01.60 at 4.30pm . He was received at the gate by the parish priest and the neighboring priest and by a large number of parishioners’ .on 1.2.1960 Bishop said mass and preached during the mass. After the mass he confirmed 212 children. After the conformation   Bishop examined the children in catechism and gave prize to the children   for best answer. After the catechism examination   different unites and gurkars were persecuted to the Bishop. After having from every unit Bishop gave a brief exhortation     to them all.

In canonical visit  report  says ; that the commentary is remodeled very satisfactorily ; that efforts are made to   come more attendants for daily  mass ; the order disciplines and  silence in the church is very well mentioned   and leaders are   trained  to lead prayers   ;that are the directives of the previous visit  have been carried out ;that the parish  priest is very zealous effected   all –round

Improvement in spite of his old age and indifferent health; that the various  sodalities and  confraternities’ are doing good work and give every  assistance to the  parish priest; that the church and the compound are kept clean  neat ;that the gurkars  are very  cooperative in all the under takings of the parish priest ;that the feast   are well organized and active ; that the parish priest deserves  real encouragement.

Before leaving the church, Bishop visited the school .the staff and children entertained the Bishop .after that Bishop visited different classes. Encouraging notes were put by the Bishops in the visitors report book. At about 5.pm .Bishop left the place   and was given a sendoff.

On 25.2.1960 .church completed    25 years since it was canonically erected a full pledged parish .on this occasion the silver jubilee was celebrated  fraud scale .Rt. Rev. R.D’ Mello Bishop of Mangalore saug the the pontifical things mass for the  occasion and  Rev .Fr Jacob lobo preached an instructive  sermon ,during the mass  giving briefly the history of the parish  and services rendered by different  parish priest in the  interest of the church ,especially by the present  parish priest ,Rev.Fr.A.P. D’souza .though old ,a zealous  priest .Besides the Bishop  there were  almost 20 guest priest ,and some  seminarians   .about 400 peoples  from the parish  and outside prisoners attended the celebration . Group photos oof different units ,of the peoples  present ,along with  Bishop, parish priest  and some guest priest  were taken  souvenir pictures of the jubilee ,of shevesa of infant  Jesus   were printed  and distributed to the   people .In the evening there was variety entertainment, Presided over by the Bishop of Mangalore ,beside there were  dramas  -eɣɫªï  in kannada , zsÀÄ£ÀðqÀvÉAiÀÄ ¥sÀ® in tulu  and comic dance in Konkani, crowd was very happy  a sudden name brought  the entertainment  to a close ,but were held  again   after about  8 days .with expectation  of entertainment in the evening  due to rain all the other functions were  a splendid  success.

In the month of February  and march 1961  the roofs of the church ,church pendal  and presbytery especially the portion of veranda were repaired  and good many rafters and  repairs    which were in  bad condition  were renewed and repaired  at the cost of about Rs 700/-

On the northern  side of the church compound  to new pillars are built   and new wooden gate  was prepared   and fixed up ;on the   southern  side a good portion  of the  compound walled up  with  statues  and cemented the top and bottom  from the main gate .the  total cost  for their  work cause to about Rs 1500/- . A few new things were added both to the church and presbytery;

To the church: – a set of mass redVestments costing Rs40/-

A set of white mass Vestments costing Rs 50/-

One gas light (patermax)           costing Rs 55/-

Donated by Mrs George   John pinto ornish   one arm  chair   costing Rs26/-    donated by N.N.

Oil cloth to be used during season for coffins.

A Box (wooden) for candles costing Rs.34.10.

An umbrella for the Blessed Sacrament casing Rs.50/- Donated by Justine Lobo Bandralke .

To the Presbytery: A New wooden almeiarha for the dinning roof for crockery, costing Rs.90/-

The school had no sufficient playground. Close to the school there was a hills. Which was leveled and converted into a playground as the cost of Rs.250/. Many new things, furniture too are added to the school. The annual drama was staged by the Niddody church Nataka Sabha on 12.2.1961. This five dramas were “Pancretive  martys  in Konkani.  Erè ¥ÁvÉæ  In tulu and Ramesh and Dismiss Balu in Kannada, presided over by Rev.Fr.V.G.Rego. Bsc.B.T.  Headmistre Paduva High School.  It was a fraud success, and was attended by a large number of people both catholics and hindues.  One urinal near the school for school children boys was built with stones with cement mortar  and with cementplastering  with pit behind  .the work was completed  in September  1961 .the total cost was Rs 6000/- (six thousand  Rupees)

The boundary wall for the church compound, which was not completed   on the southern side was completed with the top and the bottom of the wall was cemented .the total cost cause to Rs 500/- .the work was completed in December 1961. The roof of the church which was not done last time was repaired this time in December 1961 .Good many   rafters and repairs were renewed.

A new altar on the   right side of the main altar in the church was built with                and a new statue of the Sacred Heart is placed. The total cost for the building the altar and setting statue of the sacred Heart was Rs 400/- which was donated by Mrs. .Joseph vas of Agre village of Niddodi parish.

The side altar   on the right side of the main altar  in the church  was   dismantled and was built in a such  a way  which is visible to the people .the statue of our Lady of Dolorous  which was  existing  before  was repainted  and placed on the altar .the  whole altar  and the walls renewed .the altar was painted for expenses  the women of the parish  contributed a  portion and  rest was

Subscribed  by the parish priest  and out siders the total cost was Rs 500/- .this altar was being used  as altar repose on Mundey Thursday .A new Tabernacle has been brought ,donated by Mrs. D’Souza  Bakrabettu  costing Rs125/-  and placed on the altar .

The main altar was reshaped. The rich in which the statue of St Theresa was placed is closed now and instead a concrete stand has been fixed with angel below on which the statue has been placed. the  whole altar  including the statue  and the walls and pillars  round the altar  has been  painted .a picture of the Holy Trinity  has been  painted on the wall above the statues .the small statues near the main altar ,of St Joseph and Francis were also painted .the total  cost for the work  was Rs400/- .This amount   was contributed  by the  men of the parish ,parish priest and outsiders and the next by the church.


To be continued…

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